A Few Words About Us

100% Network Uptime! An Industry FIRST!

ABV Hosting takes pride in our commitment to outstanding reliability, and that's why we deliver nothing less than a 100% uptime guarantee for our network. How can we do that? Simple. We use strategically located N.O.C./datacenter that allows us to connect DIRECTLY to the major Internet backbone providers and thereby completely eliminating the telelphone company.

In the unlikely case that our primary providers go down, our Data Center consists of diverse paths to other Tier-1 providers. APC units provide conditioned power to all our clients servers, switches, and routers.

Why Us

For over 5 years ABV Hosting has established a leadership position in webhosting services by providing Top-notch Experience, a Strategically located & Rock-solid Infrastructure, `Fanatical` 24/7 Tech Support, and most importantly quality Customer Service.

Servicing customers in over 30 countries around the world, ABV Hosting believes acheiving our leadership position is upheld by our customer-oriented business model which enables our customers to be in complete control of their online presence. It is therefore, no surprise that we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry - consistently exceeding 90 percent!


John Honer

“Excellent support...No cons found, have found your services to be excellent and far above oth ers I have dealt with....”

Linda Bosh

“I've actually been using ABV Hosting for more than a year...I am very happy with the responsiveness of tech support....”